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September 24, 2019

CoGri Middle East LLC annually install in excess of 17,000m of wire guidance for Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) and Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV’s).

We offer our design & installation services throughout the GCC & wider region, supporting MHE suppliers & Clients directly.

You can see us in action in the video below.

Project Process

  • 20 Seconds: The wire guidance positioning centrally to the aisle is critical for the safe & efficient operation of the MHE/AGV. The rack to rack distance is measured at regular intervals down the aisle to record any variances and adjust the wire position accordingly.
  • 30 Seconds: A chalk line is used to mark a continuous line down the aisle, connecting all the centre marks made earlier.
  • 45 Seconds: Where the wire will intersect with a saw cut/construction joint, the cut/joint is filled with a suitable joint sealant. This protects the wire once operational.
  • 1 Minute: The wire cut is installed by a 2 man team. One man to operate the floor saw and one to immediately vacuum up the cutting residue. The wet cutting process eliminates any dust creation.
  • 1 Minute 12 Seconds: The depth if the cut is routinely checked by the team to ensure a constant cut depth is produced. A constant cut depth means the wire will remain at the specified desired distance below the floor surface – producing a consistent signal strength for the MHE/AGV.
  • 1 Minute 28 Seconds: If power supply is an issue on site, we can use our own small mobile generator. This means the wire installation team are self-sufficient and do not hinder any other ongoing operations.
  • 1 Minute 45 Seconds: Once all cutting is finished, the wire is rolled out and dropped in to the cut.
  • 1 Minute 55 Seconds: Where required, wires are joined professionally using solder and heat shrink.
  • 2 Minutes 15 Seconds: Sealant is mixed in the containers supplied. This is a clean & safe process.
  • 2 Minutes 30 Seconds: After being poured in to the dispensing gun, the sealant is applied to the cut to seal the wire in to the groove.
  • 2 Minutes 40 Seconds: Any excess sealant is removed, leaving a smooth finish level with the floor level.
  • 2 Minutes 50 Seconds: At the wall position where the line driver/frequency will be located, the wire is passed through a protective conduit and this is then fixed securely to the wall.
  • 3 Minutes: Before being connected to the line driver/frequency generator, the continuity and resistance is verified & recorded.

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The CoGri Group is a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices throughout the world.

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