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Floor Construction - Floor Flatness - Superflat: Where Do I Start?

Superflat Floors: Where do I start?

Construction is the last stage in the process of accomplishing a Superflat Defined Movement floor.

Some factors that require consideration at the beginning stages in the design process include:  

  • Ground supported or suspended?
  • Volume, placement, and detailing of reinforcing
  • Type and placement of joints
  • Load transfer mechanisms
  • Racking layout
  • Construction program and methodology
  • Concrete design
  • Ambient and microclimate
  • Appropriate flatness specification


With so many important factors to consider, the requirement for a defined movement floor has to be decided before the project budget is agreed. Once the requisite design parameters and construction costs have been approved, the project Consultants and owner are well on the way to acquiring a high quality floor.

As experienced contractors, CoGri Middle East have proven records of building floors to similar tolerances and are able to provide practical recommendations on design, detailing and construction methodology.

It is crucial to realise that a good floor is the product of layers of vigilant work, and cannot be accomplished by meagrely applying a resin at the last minute.

If the decision to commit to a "superflat"
Defined Movement floor is postponed, the construction choices quickly reduce. Left too late, the sole option will be to construct a conventional floor and Laser Grind it to an appropriate tolerance.

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Floor Construction - Floor Flatness - Superflat: Where Do I Start?