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Floor Construction - Floor Flatness - Superflat Floors: System Solutions

Superflat Floor: System Solutions

As part of an international conglomerate CoGri Group, CoGri Middle East enviably includes some of the world's leading experts in flat floor technology as part of their team. Their years of experience have steered our systematic approach to every flooring project.

The floor is one of three all important factors in a narrow aisle warehouse. Floor, racks, and trucks have to operate in unison for optimal warehousing productivity to be accomplished. With this in mind, we analyse and control these vital components, from start to project finish.

Design Review: In depth critique of the support system, reinforcing, member depths, and detailing to guarantee the design is favourable to Superfat high tolerance construction.

Detail Design:
Vetting of jointing, load transfer systems and reinforcement distribution to guarantee suitable slab performance with respect to maintenance of superflat high tolerance surfaces. 

Tolerance Review:
 We will examine superflat tolerance requirements throughout the whole facility, analysing the requirements of each area. The review will cover storage system and material handling equipment needs in relation to the floor. In most cases our judgement for Defined Movement areas will be in alignment with TR34 2003 3rd Edition. All tolerance advice will be provided with compliance testing guidelines.

Our objective is to consistently supply a completed floor of required superflat tolerance to ensure maximum materials handling equipment MHE productivity without costly
over specification.  

Our engineers will analyse the floor design, specifications, and storage layout to ensure that all are suitable to superflat high tolerance construction techniques needed to deliver the required floor quality.

Concrete mix design needs special scrutiny. Variables such as climate, type and grading of aggregate, type of cement and admixtures significantly affect utility of concrete for superflat high tolerance industrial flooring. Our staff will work closely with the consultant and concrete supplier to get the desired mix.

Building Environment:
Constructing high tolerance floors in a secure microclimate is vital. Rain, wind, sunspots etc, can have serious and difficult to repair effect on floors. Achieving the right environment requires variation in conventional building and schedule methodology. The sooner we are involved, the quicker we can address these concerns to keep the building programme on track.

Superflat System
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Floor Construction - Floor Flatness - Superflat Floors: System Solutions