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Floor Construction - Laser Screed ® Floors - Nominal Steel Fibre Reinforced

Nominal Steel Fibre Reinforced (Jointed)

Where reasonable soil is present, a nominally reinforced slab on grade provides the most economical concrete flooring solution. To reduce the risk of cracking, drying shrinkage is controlled by carefully designed layout and installation of induced and formed joints. Secondary support is provided by light steel fabric or 20 to 30 kg/m3 of steel fibres.

When constructing slabs on grade, metal fibres are used to compensate for conventional bar or mesh reinforcing. The advantages of using fibres in ground supported slab construction include: 

  •  Enhanced crack control due to fibres being present throughout the concrete matrix.
  • Increased impact resistance due to the close vicinity of fibres near slab surface.
  • Eradication of repairing mistakes in reinforcing as well as guaranteeing sufficient cover.
  • Fibres stocked in boxes on pallets require less storage space and are easier to move around than common reinforcing and/or mesh.
  • Likely program acceleration.
  • Promising labour savings. 

    Nominal steel fibre reinforced slabs (min 25kg / m3) are an idyllic method of reinforcing a Laser Screed constructed floor slab as it eradicates the need for a reinforcing team placing mesh in front of the concrete placement.

    All nominal steel fibre reinforced slabs will have sawn induced joints.

    When proportionally small dosages of fibres are used to substitute mesh the slab on grade has still to be sawn into maximum 6m x 6m panels. Joints sawn into the slab collect shrinkage precisely the same as they would on a mesh reinforced slab.

    Using CoGri Middle East’s S-240 Laser Screed, up to 2,000m2 of high quality concrete flooring can be placed and power trowelled to a long lasting burnished finish each day. With CoGri Middle East's dedication to meeting high standards of quality control, large pour floor can be constructed to tolerance of TR34 FM2 Special and Abrasion Resistance of BS 8204 AR Special – without requiring liquid hardeners or dry shake toppings.

    Nominal Steel Fibre ProcessNominal Steel Fibre
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    Floor Construction - Laser Screed ® Floors - Nominal Steel Fibre Reinforced