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Floor Construction - Laser Screed ® Floors - Joint Free Slab on Grade

Floor Joint Free Slab on Grade (SOG) Premium Flooring Solution

The floor joint free SOG is our premium flooring solution for clients who require the utmost durability with the minimal number of floor joints for lower long-term maintenance cost.

Our Floor Joint Free SOG Solution

At higher dosages of steel fibres sawn/induced joints can be eliminated. There are enough fibres within the concrete to transfer shrinkage to the construction day joints. Removing the need for induced joints can provide long term savings in decreased joint maintenance costs and the withdrawal of potential curling on induced joints or loss of load transfer on dominant induced joints.  To find more about our Floor Joint SOG service please contact us.

                     floor-joint-free-sog    floor-joint-free-sog-steel-fibres

Using 35 to 45 Kg/m3 of steel fibres, the width and distribution of shrinkage cracks can be controlled to eradicate saw cuts, hence allowing joint free floor areas of up to 2,000m2.

Floor Joint Free SOG Benefits

Using CoGri Middle East, joint free SOG you can minimalise the risk of defects such as curling and loss of load transfer at joints – excellent for floors with very heavy loads or needing very high tolerances.

To suppress fibres at the surface, a dry shake topping is advised with the application of an automated topping spreader. This is a truly functional and low maintenance flooring solution.

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Floor Construction - Laser Screed ® Floors - Joint Free Slab on Grade