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Floor Construction - Laser Screed ® & Laser Grinder ®


Do you require large floors with very high tolerances, but have a tight schedule?

Our unique combination of high output Laser Screed ® floor construction and Laser Grinding system offer a fastrack and a perfect solution. No other flooring contractor can provide this complete comprehensive service.

Building floors to very high tolerances can be very time consuming. However the CoGri Middle East superflat high tolerance fastrack Laser Screed ®/Laser Grind solution removes the flooring works off the critical path. Once the roof and walls are built, we can construct up to 1,500m2 of FM2 ground supported floor per day, making short work of large floor areas. Then overhead services and racking can be fitted while the aisles are being ground to tolerance with our patented system, the Laser Grinder ®. Our cast-grind solution can save weeks off the building program.

    Download the Laser Screed and LaserGrinder leaflet.pdf 


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Floor Construction - Laser Screed ® & Laser Grinder ®