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Floor Upgrades - Laser Grinder ®


Wanting to convert an existing warehouse to Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) or need to upgrade a new floor that falls short on specification? Grind it right the first time with our patented Laser Grinder ® System.

Laser Grinding Warehouse Services

To achieve high quality results, the process has been purposefully developed to function in various working warehouse environments. These include: Food Storage, Pharmaceuticals and Freezer Store Facilities.

The Key Benefits of the Laser Grinder ® are:

  • The Laser Grinder ® is accurate within fractions of a millimetre
  • Unlike overlays and toppings, grinding is a one time investment
  • Precision grinding, clean, fast and a cost effective 
  • Only one aisle is required at a time hence no disruption to ongoing warehouse activities
  • Floor is immediately available for service upon completion
  • We guarantee the Laser Grinder ® will achieve the following industry standards:-
    • TR34 and TR34 Appendix C
    • CEN 15620
    • DIN 15185
    • ACI Fmin
    • VDMA
  • Also capable of achieving bespoke specifications to suit clients needs  
To read more about the Laser Grinder ® benefits, please click Laser Grinder ® Advantages.

The Original Laser Grinding System

When considering floor grinding, beware of the consequences of accepting imitations. CoGri Group has pioneered VNA floor grinding technology and has been grinding floors since the 1990's.

If you would like further information or have an enquiry, please contact us here.

Superflat Fastrack Laser Screed®/Laser Grinder®

When using a combination of the Laser Screed ® and Laser Grinder ®, Superflat - High Tolerance floors can be constructed 5 times faster than the traditional methods with no cost premium.

Click here to Learn more about our Laser Screed® and Laser Grinder® combined floor construction process here.

See the Laser Grinder in action hereThe Automatic Laser Level aids the Laser Grinder to grind to very specific anglesVery Narrow Aisle (VNA)very-narrow-aisleFind out more about the CoGri Group
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Find out more about "Superflat" High Tolerance Floors
Floor Upgrades - Laser Grinder ®