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Floor Construction - Cold Store Floors

Cold Store Floor Services

Building a top quality cold store floor for operating temperatures down to -30°C is highly specialist work.

About Cold Store Floors

Once a cold store facility becomes operational, any remedial work can be a major hindrance to operations as most repair materials cannot be effective below 5oC. Meaning that the facility has to be put out of action and the temperature raised for any repairs to be performed. Hence the emphasis on getting the floor right first time.

Our Cold Store Floor Solution

Utilising the knowledge and technical expertise that the CoGri Group and CoGri Middle East have can provide a total cold store flooring solution comprising of: Cold Store Floor Design
  • design
  • Specification
  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Testing


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Cold Store Floor Pre-Construction Planning

Pre-construction planning is crucial and detailed communication between the Client, Architect and CoGri Middle East are necessary in the beginning stages. Extra concentration should be provided to:

  • Structural Support
  • Insulation Type and Installation
  • Wearing Slab Detailing
  • Joint sealant requirements

The wearing slab can be constructed to a high tolerance using CoGri Middle East’s ‘Copperhead’ with high flotation tyres to defend against damage to the insulation. To find out more about our Cold Store Floor services Please
contact us.

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Floor Construction - Cold Store Floors