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Floor Upgrades - Joint Stabilising

Floor Joint Stabilising

Restore smooth, positive load transfer at all moving floor joints and cracks with the CoGri Joint Stabiliser.


About Loose Floor Joints

Loose floor joints can be a problem in concrete floors. A loose floor joint is one that shifts when the floor slab on one side of the joint is loaded, with one side sliding up or down relative to the other. Loose floor joints can break down fast under traffic, make noise when driven across, cause damage to forklift tyres and it can also be a trip hazard.

Our Permanent Joint Stabilising Solution

The CoGri Joint Stabiliser is a unique patented floor joint stabiliser system which has many benefits compared to other traditional floor joint stabilising methods. Request a Quote Here

Watch the CoGri Joint Stabiliser video


 CoGri Joint Stabiliser

Subslab Grout Injection

Retrofit Dowels

Full Depth Joint Replacement 

Semi-Rigid Joint Filler 

Cost Effective              
Fast & Easy Installation              
Minimum  Disruption             
Use floor immediately        
Allows slab movement due to temp changes            
Permanent Solution             

The CoGri Joint Stabiliser can be installed quickly by approved installers. Once the CoGri Joint Stabiliser is locked into place, the floor can return to service. When installed the CoGri Joint Stabiliser places pressure on opposing floor slab segments reducing independent movement during load transfer.

To find out more about the CoGri Joint Stabiliser, visit or contact us for assistance.


Joint Stabiliser Sizesfloor Joint Stabiliser InstallationFloor slab Joint Stabiliser
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Floor Upgrades - Joint Stabilising