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Floor Upgrades - Floor Joint Repairs

Floor Joint Repairs

About Floor Joints

Floor joints
are basically manipulated cracks in concrete slabs. The floor joints should be planned in to the design and positioned to let the floor move without constraining its movement. Early life drying shrinkage and long term thermal changes are the primary causes of floor joint movement.

Floor joints are often the most common source of maintenance problem in an industrial or a warehouse floor. Their edges, or arrisses, are susceptible to damage and tend to 'spall' under the force from hard wheeled traffic (Please see the image on the right as an example).

Most industrial and warehouse floors will have joints with spalled edges and this should be viewed as an early signal of more serious potential long term damage.
For more information or for assistance with your floor joint problems, please contact us.


Our Floor Joint Repair Solution

The CoGri Group of companies have been carrying out high quality, long lasting floor joint repairs for over a decade - we usually replace other contractor’s unsuccessful efforts at floor joint repairs, but we have yet to replace one of our own.

Some of our most common floor joint repair solutions include:-

  • Type 1 - Typical Narrow Floor Joint Reseal / Crack Repair
  • Type 2 - Typical Wide Floor Joint Reseal Repair
  • Type 3 - Typical floor Joint Arris Repair 

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Our Floor Joint Repair Experience

We have constantly improved methods and repair materials to tackle all types of floor joint and floor usage, with the aim to supplying the best quality repairs, with minimal interruption to the client's operation.

Over time we have tested and used a wide range of so - called ‘industrial grade’ repair materials. As a result, the floor joint repair materials that we favour presently are, based on our experience, the most reliable and durable products available on the market. This is mirrored in the quality of our floor joint repairs, so much so that repairs that we made with these products in 1997 are still in great condition today. For more information or for assistance with your floor joint problems, please contact us.

Floor Joint Stabilising

If you have floor joint problems, you may also have floor joint stabilising issues. Read about our floor joint stabilising solution.


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Floor Upgrades - Floor Joint Repairs